Alexander Yakymenko

  • Ukraine
  • Joined Jul 2022


Deep passion for web3 and decentralization. 2+ years in the crypto space with strong knowledge and use of DeFi dApps, L1/L2 blockchains and yield farming strategies. I thrive on daily ingestion of new developments in web3, including DeFi, community engagement and problem solving. Contributor, detail-oriented with a curious mind. What keeps me engaged is the fact that I learn something new every single day.


Ukrainian - Native English - Upper-Intermediate Russian - Advanced

About Contributor

05/2021 – 02/2022
Community Moderator – Energy 8

07/2021 – 05/2022
Binance Angel – Binance

04/2022 – now
Community Moderator – Connext Network

05/2022 – now
Council Ambassador/Moderator– ClayStack

05/2022 – now
UA Martian – BNB chain (BSC)