Javier Aceña

  • Malaga, Spain
  • Joined Mar 2022


I have worked as a full-stack developer, I have not only been in charge of front-end or back-end development but also of the deployment side, creating automation tools, pipelines in jenkins or github and deploying them in gcloud or aws using kubernetes or docker. Additionally I have been in charge of leading teams and prototyping applications, from defining business logic (use cases) with the customer to data flow diagram design.


English - Professional Working Proficiency Spanish - Native

About Contributor

Since I knew the cosmos ecosystem I was amazed by its technology, tools and ecosystem. I declare myself a true fan both as a programmer and as a user. At the user level I enjoy using a chain that is aware of excessive power consumption, interoperability between chains and the speed of it. At the programmer level I find it genius to separate the consensus, application and network layers. The tools that are out there like cosmo-sdk its modular system and tools like starport. In my opinion it is a disruptive technology that solves the famous trilemma.

For these reasons I would like to be part of the change, I want to bring my experience and skills to the development of this ecosystem.
I consider myself a self-taught person who has a facility for learning. My growth has been exponential, squeezing my potential in challenging situations. I enjoy finding easy solutions to complex problems, breaking them down into small goals to form the resolution of a big puzzle.