Larry Yau

  • Las Vegas
  • Joined Nov 2021


Hi, My name is Larry and I have to work at Cosmos. I come from a healthcare background where I started out chasing down paperwork for terminal care patients in need of financial assistance. I then started working at San Francisco Health Plan to ensure that all the elderly and children in San Francisco had access to healthcare and that providers were utilizing federal and state budgets appropriately. I’ve been an investor in blockchain technologies since 2013 and have had the amazing luck to land a network of friends that created their own blockchain companies in the platform and financial sectors and get their tokens listed on major exchanges. After the bureaucracy and molasses speed of traditional healthcare I found myself in fintech at the financial services and digital payments company, Square and learned how to scale small teams to larger teams and then joined Plastiq, a financial services technology company unlocking credit card utilization. I now want to work for Cosmos. I have one main goal in life, to bring access to tools and information to the underserved and to the world. People don’t know what they don’t know and I believe it’s our responsibility and duty to help everyone, to make the world a better place. My strengths lie in following the data and staying up to date on the market to identify and assess opportunities and creatively structure terms and processes for strategic partnerships. I have a firm belief that the user experience must flow seamlessly end-to-end from any interaction it has with every aspect of your organization from the top to the bottom(EVERYONE is responsible!). I look to bring opportunity and asymmetric returns to the Cosmos ecosystem because I believe in the ethos of scaling public permissionless blockchains to millions of users in a fully trustless manner by relying on math and cryptography and economic incentive mechanisms.