Pranit Garg

  • Remote
  • Joined Sep 2022


I was one of the Partners running Optimotive, a digital marketing agency and venture studio, for the past few years. During my time here, I helped launch and scale over 20 brands in over a dozen industries, including Web3. In June, my partners and I sold Optimotive to another marketing agency, RyTech. I also co-founded KOKO DAO, which aims to reduce deforestation by sequestering carbon from regenerative ecosystems, selling it on voluntary on-chain carbon markets, and passing the yield from sales back to the community. Most of my client work at Optimotive has been in growth marketing across our main service lines: marketing strategy, content marketing, digital advertising, SEO, and web development. But as you can imagine, running, scaling, and selling a small company has required me to wear several hats. I’ve had to pick up a skillset that extends beyond growth marketing and includes managing a company’s finances, strategy, operations, business development, employees, clients, and key relationships. Some of my most impactful contributions to Optimotive, such as launching our own venture studio, have come from the combination of understanding both our high-level strategy and the granular details of how we execute them. I have been deeply interested in Web3 since 2019, and now that my partners and I have sold our company, I am excited to explore working in web3, full-time.