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Hello there! Friendly, diligent and trustworthy nerd. I love reading and engaging about crypto all day, I see how cryptocurrencies and blockchain will change the way us humans interact forever, there's no going back and I wanna be part of that movement.


English - Advanced

About Contributor

Hello there! My name is Robert also known as instafinanzas in the Discord and Telegram communities I engage with, happy to share information and knowledge with newcomers

I run an Instagram educational channel (instafinanzas) where you can see content, tips and how to tutorials about cryptocurrencies, Defi, NFTs and more, also I clarify doubts and chat with anyone that DMs me. I just love to help people and I don’t charge a dime for that, The channel its monetized through referral links and collabs, though.

I use this channel to actively promote Bitcoin, Cosmos and CRO

I’m very skilled creating content and I also know video and audio editing. Although I have a passiong for speaking and connecting with new people

Besides my experience in crypto, you can review my CV and see my other skills, I’m a very committed and passionate worker. The reason I want to give my self an opportunity in the crypto space its because I know I can make an impact. It has been the case in almost everything I’ve work for and….. I wanna become a nomad, so that I can work from anywhere. Just with my laptop

If there is something I missed, please feel free to reach me out so I can clarify anything for you before you make a decision.