Usman Chaudry

  • Woodbridge, Virginia
  • Joined Mar 2023


My professional expertise are utilized in DeFi analytics, L2 solutions, IBC protocols, tokenomics, staking, running nodes as a validator, automated market makers, DeFi research, mining, and executing smart contracts. I am passionate about researching undervalued DeFi projects; built on the Cosmos Network. Cosmos has the potential to advance society, giving users and developers decentralized autonomy. My analysis is handled with due diligence, critical thinking, and problem solving. All responsibilities from my former roles involved troubleshooting, systems management, network setup/configuration, database management, banking, and DeFi. Due to my technical background, I proficiently utilize token swaps on decentralized exchanges, AMMs for a higher APY, Dapps to bridge between networks, Dune Analytics, Etherscan, nodewatch.io, supporting documents, and whitepapers. I have a strong experience with Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, SharePoint, Microsoft Word, Microsoft SQL 2008, LinuxOS, and MacOSX.


Urdu - Fluent Punjabi - Fluent Hindi - Advanced Polish - Beginner English - Fluent


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    MS Information Systems

    • Virginia Commonwealth University
    • 6/2024
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    • Poznan University of Medical Sciences
    • 06/2019
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    • Virginia Commonwealth Univsersity
    • 05/2014