Typescript Library Engineer

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Job Description

We’re seeking a smart, self-motivated person to join our front-end team as an internship for 6 months to 1 year to build beautiful prototype wallets using our client-side SDK supporting secure key management.

We place a high emphasis on correctness, testing, and clean code, and it can be a great opportunity to level up your Typescript skills, as well as cryptography and blockchain knowledge. The feature set is driven both by the feature set of our front-end applications (product), as well as a desire to create an intuitive yet powerful SDK for other developers to build upon.

You like to learn new things and are excited about the potential of blockchain. You feel profound satisfaction when you ship code with no serious bugs. And most of all, you want to learn and work in a team, pushing you to improve your craft.


  • Reviewing and auditing code
  • Building flexible connectors to various blockchains
  • Implementing or porting codecs and key signing algorithms
  • Assisting in the design of APIs
  • Developing tooling on top of the library for various use cases


  • Experience with modern Javascript, understanding of ES6 and best practices
  • Experience with a static typed language required (C++/Java/Swift/etc)
  • Previous Typescript experience preferred
  • Experience deploying code to production, and understanding of what “production quality” means
  • Experience with git and version control
  • Writes unit tests and understands the difference between “works for me” and “works”
  • Quick learner, open minded, smart person

Job Summary

Barcelona Location
Full Time, Internship Job Type


We’re a blockchain startup, but we are helmed by early adopters and industry veterans that are building a very groundbreaking product suite that provides the user experience improvements needed to make blockchain technology truly mass adoptable. For example, we have a working prototype of a cryptocurrency wallet which provides interoperability between chains and human friendly addresses to make crypto transfers as easy as sending and receiving email. Our demo of this prototype won Runner Up in the Startup Battlefield Europe competition hosted by TechCrunch. IOV was founded because we believe in the potential of blockchain tech to improve life for not only business operators, but everyone - in every industry, and every economy. We believe the IOV Name Service, an SDK for developers, and the “universal wallet” we’re building for mainstream consumer usage.
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