Senior Go Blockchain Developer (remote work)

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Job Description

We are looking for a Senior/TeamLead Golang developer for a company that is creating an ecosystem for using cryptocurrencies. We need to build bridge to Cosmos.

About Us:
We are a company of blockchain and cryptocurrency innovators and enthusiasts.


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Job Requirements

  •  Experience with Cosmos SDK, CosmWasm, Tendermint;
  • At least 4 years of experience in software development understandable to both humans and machines;
  • Significant experience in writing Golang programs with a good understanding of the best practices, concurrency primitives, packages go/* and reflection;
  • Deep understanding of computer science fundamentals including networking, storage, operating system, data structures, transpilers/compilers, etc.;
  • Experience in an agile development environment;
  • Experience with distributed teams;
  • Experience with UNIX-like systems;
  • Knowledge of UNIX network stack (TCP / IP, HTTP);
  • Experience with gRPC;
  • Experience with git.

Additional benefits:

  • Basic understanding of blockchain technology;
  • Experience in creating micro-services for such systems as Kubernetes, Ansible, Docker, Terraform;
  • Interest in the topics of proof-of-stake, consensus algorithms, decentralized exchanges, public-key cryptography, etc.;
  • Experience in setting up and working with CI systems;
  • Knowledge of the English language — intermediate +.

Job Responsibilities

  • Participating in the design, development, and implementation of blockchain solutions;
  • Creating tools for load testing and protocol benchmarking.

Job Summary

Remote Location
Freelance, Full Time, Part Time Job Type


Relictum Pro is a blockchain of the latest generation, Blockchain 5.0, which has all the necessary fundamental and sufficient condition to ensure the work of the fourth generation of blockchain
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