Rust Security Engineer

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Job Description

The Challenge
Recent statistics have shown in 2020 alone the crytosphere suffered more than 20 major hacks, totaling approximately $200 million in losses. From premeditated exploits to accidental losses, security in blockchain is undoubtedly under serious attack and desperately in need of an infrastructure to establish a safer ecology and regain the public’s confidence in blockchain needed for broader adoption. It’s with this very mission that the Shentu Chain project was created.

The Shentu Chain is an interoperable, security-oriented public blockchain built on top of the Cosmos SDK. Leveraging CertiK’s proprietary Formal Verification engine, on-chain smart contracts in the Shentu Chain contain cryptographic certificates as well as machine-checkable proofs for extra security assurances. On the base layer is the CertiK Virtual Machine (CVM), of which a verified compiler is designed to ensure no bugs will be introduced during the transformation of source code into the CVM bytecode. Collectively with ShentuShield, Security Oracle and a plethora of other products offered at CertiK, the Shentu Chain puts security at its forefront and strives to help secure the blockchain industry today for a better tomorrow. To learn more about CertiK’s technology stack, check here.

Shentu Chain – Provable trust for all

The Challenge
You’re a self-starter. You believe in tackling the most important problems, even if they are the most difficult problems. You’re comfortable with the unknown and understand that #startuplife means that you’re going to be wearing multiple hats. And that’s what motivates you. You’re accountable and obsessed with improvement, both in yourself and in others. You’re up to the challenge of building a world-class company that aims to be the infrastructure for more secure software for all.

You are a self-organized engineer with 3+ years experience in system programming, and minimum 1 year experience in Rust. You have prior work experience with blockchain development, and have a solid understanding of consensus protocols, specifically Proof of Stake (PoS). Experience with Tendermint or Cosmos SDK would be a major plus. Don’t hesitate to apply even if you don’t have a university degree or x amount of years of experience in Rust.

The Benefits

  • Competitive salary and medical benefits
  • Employee 401(k) plans
  • Vacation and holiday plans
  • Opportunity for internal growth

CertiK is an equal opportunity employer. We do not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, ancestry, gender, sex, religion, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, veteran status or any legally protected status.



  • Perform security audits for Rust based source code, primarily blockchains and/or smart contracts
  • Design and implement supporting tools and utilities (e.g. static code analyzers, fuzzers etc)
  • Build a Rust variant of the Shentu blockchain implemented in Golang
  • Collaborate with other teams on new product features that have a dependency on the Shentu blockchain (e.g. node software, 3rd party integrations etc)
  • Diagnose and resolve system issues in production and external customer facing environments


  • Minimum 1 year of experience in blockchain engineering or security
  • 3+ years experience in system programming, minimum 1 year in Rust
  • Familiar with common cryptographic and Rust vulnerabilities (e.g. stack overflow, index out-of-bound, out-of-memory etc.)
  • Experience with blockchains, distributed systems, and consensus protocols
  • Knowledge of software engineering best practices including code reviews, version control, unit tests and more
  • Experience in building integration libraries and SDKs to interface with servers and APIs
  • Familiarity with Agile, cross-functional teams, and Scrum
  • Experience in working in a global team setup, and multi-team collaboration environment
  • Good verbal and written communication skills and strong attention to detail
  • Familiar with AWS cloud technologies (e.g. S3, EC2, Lambda etc)

Bonus Points

  • Prior startup experience
  • Prior work experience with blockchain development, particularly in Rust
  • Experience with debugging and/or reverse engineering
  • Familiarity with Ethereum or other major blockchain technologies
  • Experience in profiling, debugging, testing and optimizing complex systems
  • B.S. in Computer Science or equivalent

Job Summary

Remote Location
Full Time, Internship, Part Time, Temporary Job Type


Provable Trust For All
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