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Onomy Protocol’s mission is to power a multi-chain DEX that bridges traditional and decentralized finance. This mission is achieved by supporting the foreign currency exchange marketplace (Forex) and, over time, other traditional assets on an entirely modernized infrastructure leveraging blockchain. Major currency pairs trading on a multi-chain DEX powered by Cosmos – Forex meets DeFi. Our mission has been well received, with an over-committed raise within days of announcing and backed by well-known names in the space!

We are looking for those of you who are passionate about bringing DeFi to the largest traditional market in the world – Forex. Joining us at our early stage means we’re looking for visionaries to have high-impact on the growth of Onomy. You’ll join us in designing and developing scalable professional products and tools built to serve both crypto and non-crypto native users. |



  • Participating in technical specifications design, development and implementation.
  • Driving implementation details and delivering specifications with buy-in from different stakeholders.
  • Strategic development with testing and debugging practices.
  • Build cosmos modules
  • Lead role in all elements of project life-cycles: research, design, development, testing, Q/A, and deployment.


  • BS/BA in Computer Science or Economics (or equivalent work experience).
  • 3+ years experience with blockchain technologies.
  • Experience designing and building performant and scalable network protocols.
  • Proven track record of delivering applications on time and in-budget.
  • Ability to write production quality code (GoLang & others)
  • Experience with Tendermint and Cosmos-SDK.
  • Ability to write clean and effective documentation and comments
  • Excellent organizational and leadership skills

Bonus Points

  • Running ETH Node(s)
  • Finance Background & understanding of micro-economic incentives driving behaviors

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Forex meets DeFi - Major currency pairs trading on a multi-chain DEX powered by Cosmos, bridging with ETH, ADA, DOT, and more.
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