Senior Rust Engineer for Terra / Cosmwasm / Cosmos

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Job Description

**Please don’t apply unless you have worked on Terra/Cosmos or Rust before!

Autonomy Network is a protocol for decentralized automation. Developers use Autonomy to automate actions and create better features for dApps. It allows anyone to make any arbitrary transaction and have it execute under some arbitrary condition in the future, even while the user is offline.

For example, DEXes like Uniswap can add limit orders, stop losses, and impermanent loss protection. MakerDAO CDPs can be closed automatically depending on the collateral ratio. Creators can launch autonomous NFTs that transfer themselves in and out of wallets, without human input or running any servers! Autonomy is infrastructure, similar to ChainLink, that is starting to disrupt DeFi and the NFT space. We’re already live on ETH/BSC/MATIC/AVAX, about to launch on Solana with Raydium, and have live integrations at [AutoSwap](, [SokuSwap](, [ApeSwap](, and other much bigger DEXes and lending platforms that aren’t public yet. Based in Berlin, but we have a fully distributed team.

Autonomy needs a Shadowy Super Coder to lead the Cosmwasm work so we can launch on Cosmos/Terra! Since Autonomy itself is already live on EVM chains, we need to convert the Solidity code to Rust on Cosmwasm. After that, the remaining work is in adoption, so we’re helping dapps integrate us. In general, automating something with Autonomy means creating a wrapper contract that adds conditions to some target system – we’ll need you to help build these contracts to help support new use cases on Autonomy! This means that you’ll have an incredible variety of work. For example, these are just some of the things you’ll help build/integrate immediately after joining:
* Limits, stops, and impermanent loss protection to a major DEX in Cosmos
* Recurring salary payments for DAOs
* Gaming platforms to add autonomous NFTs that actually do stuff rather than be expensive JPEGs!
So if you want to touch all areas of crypto, this is the place!

Work directly with the founding team and enjoy significant, *ahem*, autonomy 😉 Own your work and have significant independence. Take part in strategic decisions of the project. Build the future of web3!

What we can offer:
* tokens! We’ll do our token launch within a couple of months, so you’ll have the chance to have a share of the founding team’s tokens
* help build out a cutting edge technology that will change the face of the blockchain industry
* work closely with top teams in the space that we’re partnering with on collaborations
* small remote team, or an upcoming office in Berlin
* be one of the first employees
* travel benefits to conferences, health benefits, the usual tech startup stuff
* a fun environment with some solid banter 😉


Job Requirements

* have previous experience in the development of a dapp using Cosmwasm
* previous experience with Rust
* basic understanding of Solidity smart contracts
* written the smart contracts for at least 1 DeFi dapp in Rust
* fluency in English is a must

* (strong bonus) worked on/with dapps similar to Uniswap
* have frontend experience with web3 libraries.
* understanding of the DeFi landscape.

Job Responsibilities

* write clean, well-tested Rust code
* help architect the system as a conversion from the Solidity version
* work well in a small, focused team of engineers

Job Salary

$100k-$180k + tokens (token launch in a couple of months)

Job Summary

Remote Location
Full Time Job Type


Autonomy is a decentralized automation protocol - a tool for dapps to add features like limit orders, stop losses, recurring payments from DAOs, and NFTs that transfer themselves in and out of wallets!
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