ETH Killer IBC Protocol

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Job Description

We are researching the feasibility of developing an IBC Protocol implementation on EOSIO. The end goal is to enable EOSIO chains to connect (hub/spoke) directly with one another as well as with the entire Cosmos SDK ecosystem.


Job Requirements

We need a highly technical developer/researcher who can provide documentation about a potential implementation and potentially build a prototype. We need someone who is deeply involved in Cosmos SDK and the IBC Protocol to guide us. For the right person this could be a quick consulting job or a long-term development job depending on your availability and skillset.

Job Responsibilities

Your responsibility would be to write a report on how/if a light client which follows the official IBC Protocol specifications could be implemented as an EOSIO smart contract (C++ or GO).  Pseudocode or limited scope prototypes may be involved in the research. We will also be hiring developers to develop the full solution.

Job Salary

$250 hr

Job Summary

Remote Location
Full Time, Temporary Job Type

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