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Fullstack Software Engineer

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Job Description

We are seeking an experienced Fullstack Software Engineer to help expand the Figment Networks Hubble product.

Hubble makes sense of the explosion of data from new proof of stake blockchains, and we’re looking for someone who can grok new blockchain data structures and create web and mobile apps to analyze them.

This is a full-time remote position, with team members in Toronto, Waterloo, Chicago, and New York City.

What’s unique about this role is that you get to work with many different brand new blockchains and core teams as they iterate through testnet to mainnet and help create widely used products for the community of validators, token holders, and other developers along the way.

If you enjoy figuring out how new blockchains work, and then designing and launching new data analysis tools, this role may be a good fit.

This person will report to the CTO (co-founder) and work with a group of generalists since we’re currently a small team. Critical that interested candidates are comfortable working in an unstructured environment, dealing with uncertainty, minimal direction, and working across a range of projects.

Benefits & Impact

• Seed-stage startup where you’ll make a true impact on the product, customers, team, and the larger blockchain/crypto space
• A culture of honesty and risk-taking in a “non-corporate environment”
• Work remote, flexible hours
• One of the first 20 employees; opportunity to grow as we grow.
• Seed stage equity + competitive salary


  • Create high-performance indexing software to ingest data from blockchains
  • Structure database schemas and basic indexing/tuning
  • Design and implement backend APIs to power web and mobile apps
  • Use web frameworks (Ruby on Rails or similar) to present data to end-users. (design/UI is out of scope and current JS use is minimal)
  • Bonus: automate deployments and create monitoring systems


  • Have started a complex/high usage web application from scratch and deployed through production in a professional setting
  • Significant experience with scripting languages and web frameworks
  • Ability to reason about tradeoffs between different frameworks and software tools
  • Familiar with PostgreSQL or similar relational databases

Bonus Points

  • AWS or other cloud infrastructure experience

Job Summary Website
Remote Location
Full Time Job Type
Salary $90k – $125k • 0.25% – 2.0%
Figment Networks


Figment Networks, a VC funded technology startup, provides safe and transparent token staking services for blockchain networks. The founding team has over two+ decades started, built, and scaled four internet infrastructure related businesses. This deep experience in IP networking, data centers, cloud security, and databases combined with our passion for decentralization lead us to starting Figment Networks. We want to build an organization that on the one hand provides needed infrastructure & software to blockchain networks/communities, and on the other hand serves the needs of institutional and large token holders. To do this we are focusing on operational best practices (including security), software tools, research, and legal/regulatory compliance. Our data center and technical operations are based in Toronto, Canada and we are building a decentralized organization with team members located in New York, Chicago, Vancouver and...Wyoming.
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