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Software Engineer (Full Stack/Front-end)

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Job Description

Are you an experienced full-stack or front-end engineer looking for a new challenge?
One where you can play a key role in developing cutting edge decentralized technologies and make a positive impact in the world?
Want the freedom to work remotely or with teammates at a regional hub?

Regen Network realigns the agricultural economy with ecological health by creating a global platform for planetary stewardship. Using distributed ledger and remote sensing technology, our team is creating new tools for how humanity relates to its environment.


Our engineering team is well-known and respected in the Cosmos ecosystem for our leadership in technical design and implementation. Should you be interested, we are happy to train you in many aspects of our systems including code architecture and building backward-compatible systems for an immutable ledger without getting stuck in quicksand.

Outside of the development team, there are experts with decades of experience in sustainability and regenerative ecology who are more than happy to share insights with you and discuss paths to a positive future. We offer competitive salaries and a flexible work environment. We are aiming for full-time employees but open to part-time or even contractors if it is a good fit.


  • In this role, you will be joining a small and agile team working across our web-based applications (Regen Registry, the Regen Network website, among others), to create user experiences for farmers, land stewards, and the buyers funding next-gen climate solutions.
  • You will build and maintain web applications using state of the art technologies (React + Typescript + GraphQL with a Node and PostgreSQL backend is our current stack), write reusable components, ensure solid test coverage, and actively participate in code reviews.
  • You’ll be building Node services that serve as a gateway to our decentralized ecosystem, and expose REST or GraphQL APIs for our front end applications to access data.
  • You will be collaborating on key integration points with the Regen Ledger such as: Custodial blockchain-based key management systems for improved UX, User interfaces for blockchain governance via our Community Staking DAOs, Integrating with Regen Ledger to pull into the Regen Registry various metadata about the ecosystem service credits being issued on Regen Network, Building integrations & interoperability solutions for apps focused on agriculture monitoring & data management, especially those built by our partners in the OpenTEAM community


  • Minimum 2-3+ years professional full stack and/or front-end development experience
  • You should be comfortable working across any part of our web application stack – in particular React, CSS, TypeScript, Node.js and PostgreSQL
  • Experience with material-ui, GraphQL, Apollo, Postgraphile, Gatsby is a plus
  • You have experience working closely with design & product teams following agile methodologies, but can be comfortable taking initiative and organizing your own work
  • Having a keen eye for detail when it comes to implementing visual components
  • Mobile-first / responsive design is a priority
  • You enjoy learning and digging into open source code, committing on other projects
  • Good written communication in English
  • Previous experience working remotely and/or leading teams is a plus
  • You’re a self-starter and can work well in a decentralized (literally!) team – we’re spread across 9 time zones
  • You thrive in a complex environment
  • You’re excited about joining a team with a strong culture of self-reflection and capacity building — we take a lot of inspiration from Carol Sanford’s Regenerative Business work
  • You’re passionate about fighting climate change and other environmental problems — knowledge of permaculture, regenerative agriculture, or ecology is a bonus
  • You’re based on European or US time zones (where the tech team currently is located) to allow for good communication, and minimal scheduling issues.

Job Summary

Remote Location
Full Time Job Type
Regen Network


Regen Network is committed to inclusion and diversity and is an equal opportunity employer. All applicants will receive consideration without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, or veteran status. If you're up for the challenge of a lifetime, we're looking for outstanding talent to join our team.
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