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Job Description

This job is 100% remote, preferably in a US or Western European time zone.

At Sifchain we are in the process of launching an Omnichain Decentralized Exchange. This is a unique technical undertaking that continues to attract interest and excitement from a multitude of well-known investors in the blockchain sphere.

In fact, the private sale round was oversubscribed within two days of its announcement. Investors recognize that our offering has unique benefits over both CEXes and existing DEXes, and has the potential to fundamentally change the DeFi ecosystem.

The team is led by a blockchain architect from Thorchain- a project that raised its liquid market cap from $1M to over $150M in just two years.

We’re looking for someone to help with operations across the board, from HR to finance to legal, as well as helping with projects that touch product, engineering and marketing teams. This could mean anything from improving our onboarding process to suggesting and setting up new software tools to innovating on existing company processes that will make us more efficient, to creating docs and sheets for tracking our progress and driving an analytics first mindset, and a wide diversity of other potential projects.

Who You Are

  • 3+ years of experience as an operations or project manager in a startup environment, ideally with experience at a Series A+ startup, VC, or Hedge Fund.
  • Ability to work and coordinate with scientists, engineers, product managers from a diverse set of backgrounds who are challenging what digital innovation means.
  • You thrive under a distributed work model (Slack, zoom).
  • You are capable of working independently and as part of a team.
  • You have strong attention to detail, time management, communication, and follow up/follow through skills.
  • You are able to work efficiently within a high-pressure, fast-paced environment while meeting strict deadlines.
  • You hunger for a holistic view of the business, and knowledge on how to deploy that strategic perspective to drive cross-functional results.
  • You’re comfortable with projects that have ambiguous execution steps.
  • Team first mentality: no job too small or too big mindset.
  • You have strong relationship management skills: engaging, motivating, communicating, and executing.
  • You have a high level of flexibility, collaboration, and confidentiality.
  • Strong proficiency with GSuite tools, including but not limited to Gmail, GDocs, GSheet, Gdrive, GCal, GSuite Admin Dashboard, etc.
  • Blockchain/crypto experience is a plus.
  • Recruitment experience is a plus.

Additional Information
Competitive compensation relative to experience and location
Start date:
Remote (PST hours preferred)

Professional references will be requested.



  • Build & Iterate: You’ll design and implement new processes and tools to make our team more efficient and organized. Plan & Strategize: You can problem solve some of our most pressing strategic operations challenges, proactively suggesting fixes to the problems we did and didn’t realize we needed to address.
  • Work cross-functionally: You’ll tackle projects and tasks that touch various different parts of the organization, from product and engineering to marketing and operations, and even the exec team.
  • Work independently: When needed, you’re able to tackle difficult problems, oftentimes on your own, with only a desired outcome and an open path to get you there.


  • Organize and pay attention to detail: You’ll create the systems that streamline everything else. That means you need to be able to track lots of loose ends. The buck stops with you.
  • Prioritize Efficiently: with a number of disparate tasks and projects and a fluid priority list, you’ll need a logical and analytical approach to prioritizing the most important thing at any given time.
  • Manage Software Tools: Act as admin for a suite of software tools, including a versatile understanding of Gsuite, Asana, GitHub, Slack, Zoom, Google Meets, Telegram, Notion, and others, with the ability to learn and implement new software as needed.

Job Summary

US/Remote Location
Full Time Job Type
SifChain Finance


Sifchain is the omni-chain solution for DEXes. More performant, more robust cryptoeconomics for trading and security, more flexible trading capabilities, an extensible omni-chain roadmap and eventual true DAO governance. Sifchain is the future of DeFi.
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