About Project

Driving data is the basis of smart traffic. As the application fields of smart traffic increase, traffic policies and regulations that were limited to physical safety of vehicles are also expanding to cybersecurity centered on braille data . As a result, the value of driving data has increased beyond comparison. Now, all data generated by smart mobility is profitable as it is produced and consumed. However, driving data, which has potential applications in various industries, does not really benefit data producers. This is because there was no platform to securely cleanse and process data so that desired sellers and buyers could trade and share profits safely. AMO was launched to provide a platform that profits individuals and businesses who own the copyright of the data, and enables those who want it to securely purchase trusted data.

AMO Labs is a subsidiary of Penta Security Systems, Asia-Pacific’s premier security company by Frost & Sullivan , established to respond to the rapid development and expanding security threats in connected cars, electric vehicles and smart cities. Penta Security System recognized the security risks in the smart car environment and began researching on automotive security in 2007.

We are participating in various projects at home and abroad to provide a safe transportation environment, and
we are providing AutoCrypt®, a smart car security solution in the government-led smart road construction project.