About Project

The next phase of the internet is based on distributed networks which make the new generation of platforms, applications and services more private, secure, reliable and censorship resistant. By cutting out intermediaries and gatekeepers, builders and users gain back control over their applications and data.

We make participating in, building on and using blockchains and protocols easy and accessible for everyone. We are a globally distributed company with industry connections around the world, providing us with detailed insights into Web3 trends. We strive to improve user experience, streamline processes and reduce costs for everyone to participate in Web3 technologies.

The Ankr protocol marketplace allows easy access to an array of blockchains and provides users with the ability to deploy staking nodes as well as developer nodes in minutes.

The Ankr token acts as a payment method on the platform and will play an essential role in our decentralized staking protocol: Stkr.

Ankr is democratizing Web3 for everyone to leverage decentralized applications and play an active role in the future internet.