About Project

A.I. stands for Artificial Intelligence, which is going to be everywhere and there will be more and more development around this technology. Our lives will be highly influenced by A.I. in ways beyond imagination. Similar changes that we experienced with the Internet, smartphones and blockchain technologies.

By today’s standards, A.I. is already being used by many IT companies to evolve their products. By implementing A.I. into a blockchain we see a new future. The blockchain technology is on the rise in a similar way as PCs and Internet technology were in the 1980s and 1990s respectively. No one imagined holding more computational power in hand than was present in Apollo 11 or having gigabit connections available for each home.

Before we launched the Artiqox project we had thought about white paper. We looked at many white papers and realized that the old nature of the whitepaper didn’t fit a project like Artiqox.

A white paper usually contains a solution to a specific problem. Our project is based on one of the most rapid technologies of the future, when it comes to development. Artiqox’s goal is to be a solution to the problems that Artificial Intelligence will face in the near future. The Artiqox Blockchain is a vector of development on which AI startups will be able to build on (formulation help needed).

Artiqox is developing the right tools, products and services to make it easier and user friendly in the daily process of achieving the most wanted goals in life or at work.

 If you’ve found a problem and are exploring a solution to it, it may be beneficial for a single project or perhaps for the transaction speed of a blockchain. It may even save some power and make the world a little greener, as PoS or PoSV has shown, but still this whitepaper should not be the cornerstone of a visionary and dynamic project.