About Project

A blockchain is best described as a distributed public ledger of transactions that is transparent, secure, self-validating, and cannot be altered retroactively, without changing every subsequent block and without the agreement/consent of most of the network. The unique thing about the blockchain is that every time a change needs to be made in any block, it will be “authenticated” by the other nodes i.e. every node has to update its individual copy. This effectively avoids forgery because every single node/user can easily pin-point the discrepancy/ unauthorized change. The beauty of the blockchain and its primary difference from the cloud is that it is not restricted to just a few servers but it is supported by every single user/node in the network, thereby making the information truly decentralized/distributed. Tinkering with the data is impossible as a copy exists with every user. Blockchain can be applied in diverse sectors from maintaining land records, establishing identity, banking industry to making academic credentials universally recognizable and verifiable. However, flawless implementation is the key to enjoying all the benefits that can be derived from blockchain!