About Project

This blockchain is based on Cosmos SDK. Current version is 0.38. The current features are: Buy card scheme – ongoing auction to sell rights to create new cards. Save content of a card – write content to a card scheme
Transfer card – change ownership of a card. Vote on a card – give your opinion if a card is overpowered, underpowered or fair enough. donate to a card – donate credits on a card to incentivize voting

All features are shown as examples in /scripts, REST and CLI examples are given. The same applies for query commands.

We plan on giving you a way to express both of these by giving the player, that is you, the opportunity to actively create the game by envisioning new cards, judging other people’s cards and test them in real games. Also the authors own the rights of their creations, the player own the cards and the whole network is decentralized, which is the reason why everything will be built on a blockchain.

Cosmos based blockchain for handling card ownership, card creation and voting on cards.