About Project

Centaur proposes a different way forward. With a set of solutions built upon a hybrid of centralized/decentralized principles, Centaur will create offerings that are decentralized in one or more of the three aspects, yet centralized across others. The execution of these solutions would be supported by financial licenses worldwide while the underlying blockchain will focus on backward compatible interoperability.

The implementation will be conducted in three phases. The first phase will focus on building the foundation of the ecosystem by creating liquidity pools, developing the testnet and providing an interface. The second phase will involve developing the Centaur Chain and implementing core functions such as cross-chain interoperability, oracles and ecosystem rewards. Finally, the third phase will involve the development of decentralised applications such as the crypto index fund, domestic and cross-border transfers, and a lending platform. Ultimately, Centaur aims to be the bridge between centralized and decentralized finance by combining the best elements of each, with the ultimate aspiration of moving towards a fully decentralized model.