About Project

Certus One is the premier validator for distributed ledger technology (DLT). Leveraging cutting-edge enterprise architecture, Certus One paves the way for validators by offering impenetrable, robust, and reliable infrastructure for proof-of-stake blockchains.

Certus One works closely with protocols, custodians, and enterprises to offer turnkey solutions helping propel the industry forward.

The Certus One team set out to build the most secure and reliable infrastructure for blockchains. With low level systems engineering and an obsession with security, organizations can strength their infrastructure and generate more value. With the inception of validator architecture in 2017, we began to explore solutions that would exceed enterprise requirements.

We witnessed the birth of first generation validators that had poor connectivity and security standards. These validators were not well prepared for the adversarial and uptime conditions required for these networks to proliferate. We saw a need for a highly available, secure, and reliable validator infrastructure. This is why Certus One was formed.