About Project

Chainpoint links a hash of your data to a blockchain and returns a timestamp proof. A Chainpoint Node receives hashes which are aggregated together using a Merkle tree. The root of this tree is published in a Bitcoin transaction. The final Chainpoint proof defines a set of operations that cryptographically link your data to the Bitcoin blockchain.

A Chainpoint proof contains the information to verify that the hash of some data is anchored to a blockchain. It proves the data existed at time it was anchored. Chainpoint proofs can be verified without reliance on a trusted third party.

Chainpoint Nodes have an HTTP API. You can interact with Nodes using any programming language that supports HTTP calls. Thousands of Chainpoint Nodes operate as part of a global network.

This Chainpoint javascript client can be used in both Browser and Node.js based Javascript applications using callback functions, Promises (using .then, .catch), or Promises (using async/await) functional styles.