About Project

BlockchainHub started in 2015 with the aim to make the technology accessible to a general audience, first as a tumblr blog where existing blockchain information was collected, structures and shared. Back then blockchainhub.net was the first website to systematically compile and disseminate Blockchain knowledge to a general audience. Over time we started to produce our own content with a series of blog posts at BlockchainHub Berlin, which were later compiled and contextualised in the “Blockchain Handbook” available for free.

What started as a Berlin-based Info:Hub Thinking:Hub and People:Hub panned out into different local hubs across Europe. In 2016 the idea of BlockchainHub expanded into different territories, starting with BlockchainHub Graz and BlockchainHub Brussels, eventually Sofia, Oslo and Zurich joined. All the Hubs shared resources, but stayed independent. The vision was to educate about the Web3, tokens, blockchain and smart contracts to all stakeholders in society, explaining the technology, showcase use cases, organize events and host working groups around interdisciplinary topics. The local hubs where driven by people who had a genuine interest in learning more about the topic and disseminating that information. In 2018 most local hubs pivoted their activities either into building their own blockchain networks (Graz) or joining bigger communities (Brussels) or going into the industry.

BlockchainHub Berlin also reduced the activities when the Cryptoeconomics Institute at the Vienna University of Economics was founded and Shermin Voshmgir and Valentin Kalinov started working there. The Berlin based working groups (law, governance, science, aviation, identity) stopped their activities and most advisors of BlockchainHub Berlin pivoted into their own Blockchain activities. The educational legacy of BlockchainHub Berlin culminated is the book Token Economy which builds on the past activities and goes one step beyond: The focus now is on tokens as the atomic unit of the Web3.