About Project

The CoinEx DEX Chain will be the first one to launch. With functions such as asset-mapping, on-chain trading and on-chain matching, it can address the problems of centralized exchanges, such as poor safety and intransparency that have been widely criticized. Returning asset control to users, Order-Book based fair on-chain matching algorithm, permissionless on-chain listing and creating trading pairs, all these efforts are aimed to build a transparent, secure, and permissionless financial platform for free trading. At the same time, features such as high TPS performance and second-level transaction confirmation provided by the underlying Tendermint Consensus can maximumly restore the user experience as that in centralized exchanges.

CoinEx Chain goes beyond one single public DEX chain. There is a rich ecosystem surrounding the DEX chain. To maximize its throughput, the DEX chain supports only the essential functions, instead of general smart contracts. Since smart contract is the foundation of more complex financial applications, CoinEx Chain will include a Smart Chain supporting smart contracts. The DEX Chain and the Smart Chain interoperate with each other through cross-chain mechanisms, thus we can both ensure the performance of DEX chain and gain flexibility of the Smart Chain.