About Project

The Color Project is devoted to bringing the opportunities of a decentralized platform for daily life, and not to be hindered by a bloated blockchain and monstrously high transaction fees. This is why we are building a Crypto Platform that will be equipped to deal with not only the network strain of a high transaction environment, but still maintain decentralization and innovative applications and mechanisms to keep users engaged.

Having to wait for a transaction to confirm (or wondering if it ever will) should be a thing of the past. However, for some blockchains it is still very much an issue. With Color, we want to ensure that not only is that problem solved, but secure and reliable confirmations should happen in fractions of a second, rather than minutes or hours. With our unique consensus algorithm, blocks will be processed with one-block confirmation algorithm, leading to drastically decreased block confirmation times, faster block and transaction propagation times, and an overall smoother user experience.

In Color Spectrum, different dApps may have different arguments for how often they sync their results with the blockchain. Some may sync every execution with the blockchain, much like a traditional dApp, or others can process several dozen, hundred, or even thousand executions in the anonymized Color Spectrum, without taxing the blockchain and their application speed. This frees developers to make more complex dApps, as well as allows developers to integrate their skills in more familiar programming languages, like Java or C++. With this in mind, we hope it enables us to attract more developers who otherwise wouldn’t bother learning cumbersome blockchain languages like Solidity.