About Project

Commercio.network is “The Documents Blockchain” that ALLOWS  companies to create identities, sign and exchange business documents among its participants.

Creating a decentralized network is very complex because there are no obvious initial benefits to building it.  It is the classic chicken and egg problem. We thought of a Solution: A Blockchain of decentralized nodes incentivized through a Utility Token, which can grow in value as the network grows.

“The Documents Blockchain” refers to the main purpose of Commercio.network which is to act as a network to facilitate the exchange of business documents between companies using the blockchain technology  which is decentralized, immutable and distributed.

Commercio.network is organized on an open-source software project entirely based on Blockchain technology focused on the needs of companies.  The core component, the application component and SDK were developed by Commerc.io srl and published on the public account of GitHub, whilethe consent algorithm of the blockchain was developed by Tendermint inc.

Commercio.network uses a Proof-of-Stake (POS) algorithm, a variant of a new family of consensus algorithms inspired by decades of research in distributed systems. Until the advent of POS, most Blockchain networks relied on the POW (Proof-of-Work) consent protocol, which consumes a great deal of electricity.