About Project

We are creating highly secure, developer-friendly tooling for the next generation of multi-blockchain applications, including robust self-governance.
Enabled by: Building Trust.
Bringing decentralized apps from “trustless” to “trustworthy”.
Allowing groups to collaborate without a single point of failure.

Our products

A secure, interoperable, multi-chain smart contracts
Cosmos Inter-blockchain communication standard enables anyone to accomplish quick and secure exchanges of digital assets cross-chain.
A generic client-side JavaScript library for Cosmos-SDK In addition to continued development in our existing products, we are expanding from building infrastructure to building applications.
These applications are designed to showcase the potential of multi-chain smart contracts, leveraging IBC, and a powerful JS frontend. Our main focus area is currently self-sovereign governance, as well as identity management and reusable DeFi use cases.


PoE (Proof of Engagement):
A consensus mechanism to secure blockchain and distribute rewards to the whole community who contribute to the running of blockchain
DSO (Decentralized Social Organization):
A variation of a DAO that embraces the community.
A self-sovereign organization based on community dialog and consensus, nurture people, communities, and business

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