About Project

Crypto.com Chain, our native blockchain solution, is the key tech that powers the payment pillar and will later support our trading and financial services products. In particular, the Crypto.com Chain blockchain protocol is the backbone behind Crypto.com Pay, our mobile payment solution. Crypto.com Coin (CRO) – the native token of Chain – will power all of our products and offer rich token utility across different use cases (see section on Token Utility below).

The lion as our symbol, symbolizes strength, trust and courage. As a company, we have operations in Hong Kong (where the lion is a symbol of the largest bank) and Singapore (also known as the “Lion City” derived from Malay singa (“lion“) and pura (“city“)) – therefore, the symbolism is close to our hearts.
A bit of history as well…
The Electrum Lion: The earliest coins were not made of gold or silver but of electrum, a naturally occurring gold-silver alloy. The electrum lion coins of ancient Lydia, considered the world’s first true coins, are thought to date from about 610–560 bc feature the Lydian kings’ emblem –  a roaring lion.