About Project

Dfinance enables you to create and trade your own blockchain-based financial instruments with natural language tools.

Dfinance integrates with a number of platform partners enabling you to create universal financial instruments, from DeFi to tokenized real world assets.

The Dfinance DEX enables you to build markets for the assets you create and access assets created by the community.

dfinance [diːfaɪˈnæns] is a truly decentralized infrastructure dedicated to various financial and DeFi instruments and products designed for people.

Our infrastructure on the one hand adopts all the properties of a good blockchain: high transaction throughput with low latency, unconstrained scalability, granular security and quite well designed smart contracts engine. On the other hand it proposes a simple and solid set of instruments to engage all you knowledge in finances on the way to success of your project.

We proudly offer you to employ the dfinance infrastructure to publish your ideas and focus on your aim.