About Project

EPC Block chain aims to empower the general public to invest into Energy Efficiency as well as Renewable Energy projects. Leveraging on our patent pending solution for the use of blockchain technology, the company will enable investments regardless of quantum to meet the pressing needs to mitigate climate change. With a team of experienced energy professionals and as aggregator of projects, EPC Blockchain offers the possibility of monetizing carbon credits from energy projects which will benefit small project developers.
The company has developed middlewares to leverage the use of blockchain technology for use in the energy sector to record keep the energy saved and energy generated from energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. The company further uses blockchain technology to record keep energy investments as part of its efforts to crowdfund energy projects to empower the masses to mitigate climate change

Crowdfunding facilitation the company provides facilitation services to help building owners and/or project developers fund raise through crowdfunding methods. This method aims to provide an alternative method to finance energy projects as well as to involve the general public to help mitigate climate change.