About Project

Findora is a fully confidential yet auditable, high-throughput, and scalable public financial infrastructure. The cryptographically transparent financial ledger at Findora’s core enables efficient, accessible, and transparent financial services.

Blockchains have drawn attention for their far-reaching financial applications, stemming from their capability to improve transparency, trust, and coordination in transactional systems. Findora targets sectors of financial infrastructure that most desperately need improved transparency, but whose privacy and compliance requirements are not met by existing public blockchains. These include financial services such as investment funds, lending platforms, and security exchanges that opaquely handle trillions of dollars worth of assets, are highly susceptible to fraud, and often are very inefficient.

Findora envisions a world where financial networks are compliant and
publicly auditable at all times. Packaged with every asset are rules governing ownership, transferability, and compliance. A network of validators

Findora enables assets of any nature – dollar, bitcoin, equity, debt and derivatives. Its mission is to address the challenges necessary to support this broad class of assets and diverse financial use cases, providing confidentiality while retaining the transparency of other blockchains.