About Project

HBTC Chain is the next generation decentralized custody and clearing technology. Based on decentralization and community consensus, it employs comprehensive technologies including cryptography and blockchain, supports decentralized governance through technology, and aims to effectively solve the security and trust problems faced by centralized digital assets platforms.

HBTC Chain is based on decentralized key management. Combining various cryptography tools including ECDSA, commitment, zero-knowledge proof, and multi-party computation, we implement the distributed private key generation and signature for cross-chain assets among all validators. On top of that we build light-weight and non-intrusive cross-chain asset custody. On the clearing layer, HBTC Chain employes BHPOS consensus and horizontal sharding mechanisms to achieve high-performaing transaction clearing.

HBDM (HBTC Chain DeFi Market) is the blockchain DeFi application market developed by HBTC. HBDM infrastructure includes 6 technical modules: blockchain asset custody, clearing, settlement, digital wallet, security, and risk management. All developers and tech companies can incorporate HBDM SDK to develop all kind of decentralized financial applications, such as SaaS/matrix cloud exchange, payment, loan, stable coins, wallets, and decentralized exchanges.