About Project

HABL is a blockchain based social media platform that aims to decentralize and fairly distribute profit generated from creative user content.

HiBlocks is a Social Media Platform that is built on the Blockchain where users can get rewarded from a variety of social media activities. Currently, existing reward-based social media platforms have the same issues, whales on the platform have absolute power to influence the content and manipulate the reward system. Therefore, people do not accept that a platforms reward system is fair for all users. Whales, however, are inevitable in platforms that reward users. In a way, they have an important role in the platform. As creators and curators bring value onto the platform through their social media activities, whales also bring value in the way of assets. Together they increase the value of the platform’s ecosystem.

The HiBlocks team had to make a decision on whether to empower the whales or users. Both sides are equally important. Accordingly, we need equilibrium between the whales and the users where both can co-exist. In the end, the team decided to alternate between DApp development to building our own main-net using the Tendermint ecosystem. We came to the conclusion that Tendermint is the most suitable consensus algorithm for our project. When we build our own main-net with Tendermint, we can separate the Whales and the users on the HiBlocks platform but they can still coexist on the network.