About Project

Idena is the first proof-of-person blockchain where every node belongs to a certain individual and has equal voting power. It is one of the most decentralized blockchains.

Idena’s network of validated people solves the blockchain oracle problem: Its independent mining nodes can act as oracles. To formalize a unique human, Idena does not require the disclosure of any personal data (no KYC). It proves the humanness and uniqueness of its participants by running an AI-hard Turing test at the same time for everyone around the globe.

The Idena network allows for a proof of humanity and proof of uniqueness for its participants. We call it Proof-of-Person (PoP). Idena does not require any personal data sharing, does not reveal a person’s identity, and does not need a third-party identification center. Idena is based on a network of people mutually validating their humanness and uniqueness. How is it possible?

Idena employs regular checkpoint rituals — synchronous validation sessions — to certify a participants’ humanness for the consequent epoch. The validation requires solving of “flips-puzzles” easy for a human, difficult for a bot.