About Project

At Ignite (formerly Tendermint Inc.), we empower people to engage with blockchain technology and create a fairer, more transparent world. Through easy-to-use applications and tools, including Starport and Emeris, we make it accessible to everyone to join in the creation of the decentralized web. Together, we’re igniting change, accelerating the growth of innovative ideas, and democratizing financial opportunities.

As the creators of Cosmos (ATOM), Ignite has played an integral role in building the Internet of Blockchains, the world’s largest interoperable blockchain ecosystem that secures billions of dollars in digital assets. We’re proud of our past and excited by the future and the many more lives we can touch with this transformative technology.

  • $100B+ Digital assets secured on Cosmos blockchains
  • 12,500+ GitHub stars on Cosmos & Tendermint projects
  • 250+ Projects in the Cosmos & Tendermint ecosystem

What we’re working on Ignite is a core contributor to the Cosmos network, an ever-expanding ecosystem of independent interconnected blockchains securing more than $100 billion of digital assets. We build the critical infrastructure that underpins these blockchain applications, including Cosmos SDK, Starport, and Emeris. Ignite leads developer experience by providing the most widely used open-source tools to build sovereign interoperable blockchains and connect to the decentralized web.

We stand for Transparency, Integrity, Collaboration, Sustainability, and Kindness.

Contributors to the Ignite (formerly Tendermint) project