About Project

IDCC’s consortium members collectively acknowledge the need for establishing a city-wide data platform as the organization’s first step, that allows them to more conveniently manage impact data for the sake of transparency, accountability, and making information become actionable, informing better policies, and creating more value for an ecosystem that often is lacking in crucially needed resources.  With this impact data infrastructure to become the new cornerstone for Hong Kong’s social impact community to become empowered with better insights and data-driven collective action in the midrun, in the not-so-distant future, IDCC has its sights set on working with its consortium members and community stakeholders to build data-driven tools to unlock social finance – bringing much needed investment into the social impact markets, and moreover to provide last-mile financial inclusion tools for grassroots communities to boost liquidity where it can make immediate and direct impact.

A socially-conscious and civic-minded community that brings together people and resources with data, takes action to solve Hong Kong’s most pressing issues, and advocates for a new paradigm of bottom-up crowd-solutions for poverty alleviation and social inclusion.  IDCC is a civic-data infrastructure upon which data is governed for, with, and by the people.