About Project

The Injective Chain is a fully-decentralized sidechain relayer network which serves as a layer- 2 derivatives platform, trade execution coordinator(TEC), and decentralized orderbook.The core consensus is Tendermint- based. A fully decentralized peer-to-peer futures protocol supporting decentralized perpetual swaps and contracts for difference(CFDs). This will enable anyone to create and trade on arbitrary derivative markets with just a price feed. A completely open-source exchange infrastructure that disintermediates the current centralized exchange model. Injective eliminates the technical barriers of entry for anyone to trade on a highly performant exchange. Injective is decentralized and governed by the community using the Injective Token. Anyone can join as a stakeholder for our project and have a real say in making decisions in our protocol.

Injective brings power back to the people by enabling truly free and decentralized trading for everyone.

Many DEXs today claim to be decentralized but are actually centralized in most aspects besides custody. From restricting access to certain user demographics, retaining proprietary control over exchange infrastructure, every central limit orderbook DEX that we have seen has centralized components that allow traders to be subject to the will of a some omnipotent authority. This is the fundamental problem that Injective solves.

The common rationale against full decentralization is that efficiency and user experience are sacrificed.We at Injective reject this notion and have committed ourselves to turning the vision of a highly performant, permissionless, and fully- decentralized exchange protocol into reality.

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