About Project

The purpose of Kadena is to be a single source for the resources needed to build blockchain applications. In doing so, Kadena solves many of the problems that have impeded widespread blockchain adoption to date including scalability, security, and ease-of-use.

Kadena was developed in part to be integrated into traditional business workflows and understood by non-technical users. Accordingly, Pact code is executed directly on the ledger and is stored in a human-readable format. Pact code has error messages and Pact contracts are upgradable allowing developers to fix errors or adapt logic as business needs evolve.

Kadena is among the first blockchain projects to deliver such a comprehensive feature-set.

Further, users are able to enjoy these features across Kadena’s hybrid blockchain platform, a public-private interoperable network. This hybrid solution allows users to take advantage of the benefits from both public and private blockchains without compromise, thus enabling use cases that were previously not possible.