About Project

Reliability issue is the biggest hurdle that we must solve to accelerate the utilization of health data. Based on our blockchain technology and strong security, we are making the dream of reliable total health data platform into a reality.

On top of this platform, many services such as personalized healthcare service, disease prediction using big data, and new drug development for effective care that will achieve rapid development in healthcare industry can be established.

MediBloc is a healthcare data platform based on blockchain technology and aims to promote the development of the medical industry and further improve the quality of human life. MediBloc has conducted agreements and PoCs with leading domestic and foreign medical institutions, including Woorisoa Children’s Hospital, Hanyang University Medical Center, Kyunghee University Dental Hospital, and Seoul National University Hospital. In addition, the company was selected for 2019 My Data Business and the 2019 Health Care related Government Tasks supported by the Korea Information Service Agency, a quasi-governmental organization within the Ministry of Science, Technology, Information and Communication, and released its blockchain-based real-loss insurance claim app MediPass in November 2019.