About Project

Microtick is more than a decentralized oracle. Its price discovery stems from a two-sided marketplace where traders can enter leveraged positions on a very short-term basis. Choose a trading timeframe that suits your needs: 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 1 hour, 4 hours, or 12 hours. Or, take the role of “Market Maker” and provide your own assertions about an asset’s price and volatility.

This Cosmos-based platform aims to address the inherent centralization in the way price discovery is usually conducted. As popularized by the book “Flash Boys,” centralization stems from the fact that price information is more accurate when a passive observer is closer geographically – or temporally – to where trade matching occurs. This type of centralization can also contribute to order execution problems such as front running where profit can be made by acting as a middleman in the order flow pipeline without incurring any risk or adding any liquidity to the market.

Because Microtick’s consensus price can be hedged in either direction, it has the ability to decouple price discovery from order book trade execution and bring the benefits of a global, real-time reference price to decentralized, private trades on the underlying asset – wherever in the world they may occur. We believe this approach has better long-term benefits than building a decentralized order book or importing data into smart contracts using trusted data sources.