About Project

MMX is a ‘pure play’ registry, so we do not compete with our accredited registrars. We have developed registrar support programs and assets that help you to earn more income for less effort, by making our domains more accessible to your customers.

The MMX portfolio is currently focused around geographic domains (e.g. .london, .boston, .miami, .bayern), professional occupations (e.g. .law, .abogado, and .dds), consumer interests (e.g. .fashion, .wedding, .vip), lifestyle (e.g. .fit, .surf, .yoga), outdoor activities (e.g. .fishing, .garden, .horse) and generic names (e.g. .work and .casa).

As a business, the Company works through its expanding international network of registrars and distribution partners to bring the benefits of affinity-based domain addresses to B2B and consumer audiences.