About Project

Newton Coin Project Blockchain was launched in March 2018 by good intention to fund scientific projects by partial allocation of pre-mining reserved for donations and custom percent of transferring transactions amounts could be set by the user. Later we applied governance fee on every new block as 20% of block reward. We funded 4 scientific projects at experiment, but because of not reaching an effective price limit for support and scarcity of donations. funding was under the expectations and had a weak impact on the real projects.

Newton Blockchain was subjected to several attacks that stole nearly 50 Billion of block rewards illegally by injecting forged blocks into Newton blockchain. As a result, the network was unstable and compromised therefore we had made fixes and released v4.0.0 to stabilize the network, but the reality of financial harm and tarnishing of the project was imposing itself. The Investors declined to invest more and they lost their confidence in the possibility of recovering the losses.