About Project

NetCloth project was born to build a Personal network. Building your personal network and deploy a starfish node around your friends.

NetCloth personal network is a network that can deposit users’ value, a network that cannot be dominated by software operators, and an open network where the users own network ownership.

The NetCloth personal network project is dedicated to enabling everyone to build their own personal network. From establishing connection to forming complex network production relationships, NetCloth will provide everyone with open infrastructures and an open blockchain ledger. From the initial establishment of personal identity and information interaction, to data storage, processing and exchange, and finally to network revenue sharing, we hope that all of these are under everyone’s control. The entire project will be divided into divided into four stages: Escort, Containers, Bazaars, and Artificial Intelligence Factory. During the project development process, we will release various infrastructures according to the schedule to facilitate network users to participate in network ecological construction.

The first function of the Internet is communication. We named the decentralized communication function in the NetCloth network “Escort”, which is also the first version of the NetCloth network. In the following, we will take the decentralized instant messaging scenario as an example to explain what the NetCloth network is.