About Project

Nym provides full-stack privacy so any application, service or blockchain can defend its network traffic against even the most sophisticated surveillance systems, pooling resources without the need to build privacy from scratch, while maintaining operational and financial sustainability.

Nym itself is neutral to the technology interfacing with it, providing an open-ended anonymous overlay network that works to irreversibly disguise patterns in internet traffic. The more activity on the network, the more private it becomes — and so users have safety in numbers, just like in the real world.

Nym improves on existing alternatives via mix-networking. The Sphinx packet format renders all data packets a uniform size, the traffic is mixed probabilistically with timing obfuscation, cover traffic is added, and multiple hops ensure users do not have to trust a single node. This mixing defeats the kinds of traffic-analysis attacks that can deanonymize packets on VPNs, Tor and I2P. In addition, Nym uses blockchain technology to decentralize the operations of the mixnet so that the network has no centralized points of failure.

Nym uses anonymous authentication credentials based on the Coconut signature scheme to enable privacy-enhanced data transfer and decentralized identity. Nym credentials can embed the data needed for a given service (including zero-knowledge proofs of private data), and these credentials are validated in a decentralized and public manner without linking a user to the service they want to access.