About Project

The Internet is an amazing platform for innovation, creativity, and free expression.  And yet, its empowering design elements, like the end-to-end principle and global interoperability, have yet to be unleashed in truly transformative ways. 

We believe in building new technology that can give us a better Internet experience. One that transforms “users” into edge clients, and enables them to take back control of their data, and their digital experiences.  One that fully respects individual privacy and autonomy, while still supporting amazing apps and services.

To get there, we’re fostering the development and growth of a privacy-first, decentralized computational network. A network that will grow and evolve with the inclusive community of developers, thinkers, and leaders who maintain it.

The Oasis Protocol Foundation looks to support projects focused on making that privacy-first Internet a reality. From building privacy-preserving applications, to developing more powerful tools for the network, to improving how it operates.

If you’ve got a great idea for the Oasis Network we’d love to hear it.

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