About Project

Ouroboros is a next-generation cryptocurrency that achieves high transaction throughput and low fees while being easy to manage. We’re focused on fast and secure transactions since that’s the most important thing for most users. One of our features is the transaction throughput – the blockchain generates a new block every ~6 seconds, and it can handle up to 1k transactions per second (based on our stresstesting results). But the most exciting feature is “Posmining” – a blockchain-based technology that generates new coins to your wallet depends on your current balance. PRIZM introduced the Posmining technology, but unfortunately, the developers made some serious mistakes, and that led to the problems – we have considered all the mistakes of our predecessor and designed both technical and economics parts with keeping their mistakes in mind.

Since the emergence of cryptocurrency, there has been a huge anticipation for cryptocurrencies to significantly transform the online payment system and even other aspects of the world.