About Project

Persistence bridges DeFi and traditional finance by facilitating borrowing of cryptoassets using real-world assets as collateral

The Persistence technology stack consists of products facilitating the end-to-end journey of the borrowing of cryptoassets using real-world assets as collateral. By removing all the complexities of using public blockchains, Persistence products enable seamless institutional adoption while catering to crypto-native users.

The concept of business loans and debt has existed for more than 4000 years. However, apart from recent efforts at digitization and development of alternative forms of lending such as P2P lending, there haven’t been too many innovations as far as matching of lenders and borrowers goes. With the proliferation of Decentralised Finance, capital can be moved in a trustless, borderless, permissionless, instant and round-the-clock manner – allowing for fundamental reimagination of how global capital allocation can work.