About Project

Supernova is a Cosmos Zone, built using the Cosmos SDK, that is dedicated to performing lockdrops for BTC, ETH and ATOM holders, and eventually other tokenholders who are awarded DUST as well. As IBC is built, Supernova will also be bridged to other zones and chains.

Any project can choose to allocate a portion of their tokens to a Supernova airdrop or lockdrop, optionally with a vesting schedule. Then, DUST holders can lock their tokens to receive an allocation in the new chain. We’ll provide software for verifying the final distribution.

To serve as a single focal point for lockdrop activity. Think of Supernova as a well that the villagers go to to obtain water, except in this case, the water is a metaphor for new digital currencies. Supernova acts like a bridge between the existing communities of token holders and newly launching projects by creating a critical mass of community members interested in these projects.

Supernova will use off-chain governance, where anyone can create an account and vote on proposals through the Commonwealth interface.