About Project

National Digital ID Company Limited (NDID) was initiated due to the government sector’s emphasis on the application of digital technology to provide services to the people and business sector efficiently. The Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society played important roles in the establishment of the Digital Identity Committee, which consists of experts from all relevant sectors. Additionally, 3 sub-committees were established, namely the Technical Team, Legal Team and Pilot Team, so that the operation would be successful. Subsequently, the National Digital ID Company Limited was established to take over the operation of developing the NDID system in order to keep the development continuous and efficient; and is responsible for establishing a trusted ecosystem under the system, comparable to a road that connects data from all sectors and other operations, such as a general company that is open for business. In the first phase, it will provide services for opening a bank account online and applying for credit online, and will then expand to cover various services to the public for various industries, such as for the opening of an investment account online, opening an insurance. policy online or even conducting doctor appointments through an online system, etc.